Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend in Team Riverside

Hi guys, this post will be more of a story..
So in the weekend i called some of the Team Riverside Members too see what are they up to and they brought their awesome TRS Drifting Machines with them
Here are some pics:

Some beast machines , right?
but yea, they said they have something important to do and they left rlly fast..

All cars presented are Team Riverside private.
If u like them please leave a comment :D
Thx bai XD
*Thanks to game for making these monster machines* :D


Razor said...

Foarte cool NcS ;)) am vzt o gramada din TRS pe Drift Society si UnderGround drifters :)
Apropo..vroiam sa-ti zic ca faci o treaba suuuper cu videourile ;) bravo!
P.S:Raspunde si tu oleaca pe mess


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